Kathy Pulles a Train

Kathy looked at the clock on the living room wall showed and saw that the time was 8:00PM and her patience was near an end. She’d been waiting for her husband, Don to come home from work now for almost 2 hours. They’d been planning to go to a party that started at 8:00 and now they’d be late for sure. Kathy was going to give him a piece of her mind when he got home. She was sure that he’d stopped to have a drink with some of his buddies, it was an old routine that she knew well even if she didn’t like it much.

Kathy stands 5’9″ inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is long, silky and naturally light blonde. She wears it parted down the middle. It’s a simple look, but with her perfect angel face any styling is unnecessary. Her eyes are a sparkling deep blue and her skin is baby smooth without a blemish to be found. She sports a beautiful tan and keeps herself in shape with aerobics.

A half hour later or so, She finally hears keys at the front door, and after a few minutes of scrambling with the lock, Don walked into the apartment. Then she realized that he hadn’t come home alone, 3 of his buddies were also with him, and they all appeared to have had a lot to drink.

This is the story of what happened to Kathy, and how her life changed from that night forward….. In Kathy’s own words.

* * *

I stood up and started to say something to Don but before I could open my mouth he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the bedroom.

“Look, babe,” he started. “I’m sorry I’m late but what’s done is done. Why don’t we just make new plans, in fact I’ve got one already in mind.”

He pushed me back onto the bed and threw my skirt up over my waist, then he roughly ripped off my panties. He lifted my legs and spread them with his hands until my pussy was completely open for him.

“Don, wait! What about your friends in the other room?”

“Don’t worry about them, just enjoy what’s going to happen to you. You always liked this before”

He looked down at me through my spread legs and smiled lewdly. I recognized that smile and knew that I was in for a session of fucking that would leave me panting for more. His friends were quickly forgotten as his tongue dived between my legs and stabbed at my pussy. I could feel the excitement building in my cunt as he licked and nipped at my clit. Don always knew how to push my button and tonight he was apparently going to turn it on and leave it on.

I could feel my pussy starting to cream as he kissed and sucked on my lips. He sucked my meaty cuntlips into his mouth forcefully and I strained my hips toward him. Then he drew my swollen clit into his mouth and thrust a finger into my cunt at the same time, a small orgasm shot through me and I moaned loudly in response.

“Oh, Don! Your friends are right outside, they’ll hear us!” I wanted to ask him to stop, to pull his lips and tongue off of my pussy and wait till his friends had left, then we could continue in private. Another stab of his tongue onto my clit and the request died on my lips, I couldn’t wait. I wanted him now!

“Don’t worry, baby.” Don said soothingly. “They’re already gone. Come on, I’ll show you.”

He lowered my hips to the bed left me laying there as he walked into the living room. My cunt was dying for attention, I wanted his big cock, NEEDED his cock. With my skirt still slightly rumpled above my waist I jumped off the bed and followed him out the bedroom door.

“See! They’re gone, now why don’t you come over here and let me pick up where I left off”

A little squeal of pleasure escaped my lips as I ran over to join him on the couch. He moved me around and sat me down on the back, then he slowly forced me back until I was practically lying upside down, my cunt with easy access to Don as he stood behind the couch.

His tongue assaulted my pussy again, playing across my clit, spreading my lips, and stabbing at my tight asshole which was now completely available to him as well. Little shocks of pleasure shot up my spine as his tongue probed between my legs. I was going to cum soon and I wanted to feel Don’s cock, I wanted to feel him filling my cunt with his big meat.

“Oh Don, do it now! Plow me with your cock! I need it, baby! Fuck me, fuck me NOW!”

I grabbed onto a pillow from the couch, biting it, while I told you, ” I’m going to fuck you hard, don’t you! You want me to pound my cock into you till you scream for more?”

I could only moan into the pillow, I held it tightly, muffling my moans and sighs as I let the pleasure spread over me.

“Fuck me, Don, fuck me!” was the only thing I could think of, the only thing I wanted!

Suddenly the pillow was pulled away from my face, and Don was standing above me. Before I could say a word, he leaned down and filled my mouth with his hard cock. His hands held me firmly in place, I couldn’t move or speak. He started to pump his cock into my throat as I strained to see whose cock was still impaling my cunt. Don’s cock was now sliding between my lips and someone was definitely still plowing away between my legs. The pleasure I was feeling was keeping me from objecting too much. Both cocks were now bringing me to a hot, heavy climax as they pounded away at my body.

My wrists were suddenly grabbed by a pair of strong hands. They pulled my hands away from the pillow I been holding onto and pulled away from my body. Then I felt 2 more hard cocks, one on each side of me. I was hot for more by this time so I hungrily grasped them in my hands. Now I was taking care of 4 cocks, one in my mouth, one in my cunt, and one in each hand. I realized that Don had set this up, these were his friends. Don and his drinking buddies were fucking me silly and I was loving every minute of it!

I still couldn’t speak because of Don’s cock in my mouth. My head was thrown back and he was sliding his hot rod between my lips just like he was fucking me. I could feel his balls slapping against my face with every thrust. They were tight and full and I knew that he shoot his load very soon. He always had a big load of cum and I loved to lick it up, and clean his cock with tongue after he came!

I felt his cock harden further and I knew he was going to come. He slipped his meat from between my lips and sprayed his load all over my face. Strings of come shot onto my chin, covering my lips and dripping into my hair. His cock spasmed again and again as he drained his sweet come in my face!

Then I felt the cock fucking my pussy pull out and slap against my belly. It twitched and a silky stream of come erupted from the head. It arched my stomach and landed between my tits. I forced my head up to watch it again. I could see his balls as they contracted and forced more come out of his cock.

Then 4 pair of hands were on my tits and face, rubbing the come I was covered with into my skin. Don’s cock was back on my lips, the head roaming over my chin and around my face as it dribbled the last bit of juice on me.

I still hadn’t come yet and I begged someone else to fuck me. The two guys on each side of apparently were quite willing to come to my aid. I was lifted quickly and turned around till I was in exactly the opposite position I had been before. Now I was leaning over the back of the couch, my legs spread and open and waiting for another cock to invade my pussy.

One of the guys moved around to the back of the couch and offered me his hot, throbbing cock to suck on. My hands wrapped around it’s full length and my tongue slid under his balls. I started to stroke his cock up and down while I licked and sucked on his huge balls. He started to move his hips in rhythm with my strokes on his cock. Drops of pre-cum now made his cockhead glisten and I zeroed in on my target with hot, waiting lips.

Before I could draw that wonderful meat into my mouth, I felt someone move between my legs. I was sure I would soon feel my cunt being filled by another hard cock. I pressed my hips back into the guy and felt his throbbing rod against my ass. One quick thrust and my breath was taken away as

that huge cock was suddenly deep inside me. He didn’t start to fuck me with motion again. I slowly drew my

tongue around the head and could feel the response I was hoping for. His hips quivered and cock hardened even more. I moved my hands around till I was cupping his ass, then I pulled him to me, forcing his cock between my lips and down my throat!

Now I was completely full, front and back. I could feel my own orgasm coming quickly. Waves of pleasure built up deep inside my cunt and started to spread throughout my body. As the cock in my pussy finally withdrew, I came suddenly as it was jammed back into me with a hard, deep thrust. My body tensed and arched in pleasure. Hands grasped onto my hips so keep me in place as I thrust ass back into the cock that was stuffed into me. Only muffled moans escaped my lips as the cock in my mouth kept me from crying out. I came so hard that I couldn’t breath, several seconds passed before my body finally relaxed. I was still filled with cock from both sides. The man in front of me was still fucking my mouth with slow insistent strokes. His hairy balls were slapping against my chin as his cock was thrust deep into my throat. But the cock in my pussy pulled out completely. I could feel my cunt slowly tightening, closing after being invaded by that huge cock.

Again hands were at my hips, keeping me from moving and holding me in place. I was expecting my cunt to be filled again and waited in anticipation. Then I felt that hot cock sliding between my pussy lips and up between the cheeks of my ass. It was still sopping wet from the juice in my cunt and I could feel it spreading moisture along the crack in my ass.

I tensed in sudden realization of what they were planning to do. I squirmed and tried to cry out for them to stop but the hands held me in place, and the cock in my mouth kept me silent except for muffled cries.

The big cock moved to my ass and I could feel the head slowly forcing it’s way into my tight backside. I groaned and cried out as much as I could, and wiggled my hips to escape that invading rod but I was firmly held into place. Then as if recognizing my fear, that big cockhead was pulled away from my tight hole. Another touch on my ass and I jumped, but this time it was not a cock, instead it was a finger, thoroughly lubricated. I felt it slide into my ass as it spread the lubrication around my tight opening and across the inside my ass.

I was not a complete novice at anal sex, Don and I enjoyed it once in awhile. But Don’s cock was not nearly as big as the monster that had threatened my posterior just now. The finger that was lubing my ass now felt great, and I relaxed as it was thrust in and out of my ass. I could feel myself opening up, enjoying the situation a little.

Then the finger pulled out of me and was replaced by the biggest cock I’d ever taken. It had filled my cunt completely and I couldn’t hope to take it up my ass. But I had no choice in the matter as I was still held tightly. My cries were still muffled by the cock in my mouth and I struggled to free myself. I could do nothing except to take the cock that was

forcing it’s way into my backside. I felt my ass being forced open as the head of that huge cock started to slide inside me. I moaned in pain and pleasure as I felt it part my ass wide as I was impaled with that monster slab of meat!

Slowly but steadily I felt my ass being penetrated until I completely stuffed with cock. Slowly the pain gave way to pleasure as I got used to the size that pinned inside me. Then slowly it started to withdraw, starting to stroke in and out of me. As it pulled out until just the head was gripped by my tight ass the cock in my mouth tightened and filled my throat with hot come. The guy thrust it down my throat until his hairy balls bounced against my chin and shot another string of cum into could at least moan and cry out with a little authority.

I rested my head on the back of the couch as the cock in my ass picked up it’s pace. The man who belonged to it was now gripping my hips on both sides and thrusting that huge head deep into my tight hole. a sharp moan escaped my lips with every thrust and I could feel another orgasm starting to build.

Then Don was in front of me, holding my face and whispering in my ear how sexy and beautiful I looked being fucked like this.

“God, do you look sexy!” he whispered. “You love cock, don’t you? You can feel that big meat sliding into your ass can’t you? You want to be fucked like this all the time, I can tell. Tell me how you like, baby! Tell me how much you like our cocks!”

I cried out in pleasure as another thrust into my ass hit deep and heightened the orgasm that was close to breaking over me!

“Oh yes, baby. Fuck me! Fuck my ass with that big, hard cock! I need it! I need you to FUCK ME!”

Don was cradling my head as I was being plowed roughly now! My entire body was rocking back and forth with each thrust. I was grunting and moaning with every deep intrusion into my tight ass. I’d never felt like this before!

“Come for me, baby!” Don was whispering in my ear again.

“Let that cock in your ass do it for you! I want to feel you come, you’re going to be fucked till your delirious!”

My orgasm was building again, I was very close to coming, and then quickly it was released. I gripped Don’s shoulders as I spasmed in pleasure. The muscles in my ass tensed so hard I’m surprised I didn’t do serious damage to the cock that was invading it, but he kept fucking me, thrusting into me. I arched my back and thrust my ass against the man who was fucking me like I’d never been fucked before. No sooner had the first wave of pleasure had subsided when another, even stronger one hit me like a train, triggered by the cock in my ass being withdrawn. My ass was now empty, straining to be filled again as another orgasm wracked my body.

I could feel the huge cock that had been fucking me slap against my ass. Quickly I turned around on my back and held that hot meat against my belly as it started to shoot it’s load. It erupted like a volcano of cum and one spurt after another landed on my belly and tits. I wrapped my legs around his ass and rubbed his cock, now wet with come and my juices into my belly as he shot the remainder of his come. Even as it softened it felt wonderful as he slid back and forth between my legs, mixing come into my already sweaty pubic hair.

He pulled away from between my legs and I felt myself being spread again. Hands grasped my legs and pulled my ass up off of the couch and spread then lewdly. My recently fucked pussy and my come soaked asshole were now proudly displayed by Don before his friends. I could only lay back and glow with the pleasure I was still feeling.

Don was right about one thing. I had been thoroughly fucked, and it was definitely going to happen again. I reached out to grasp two soft cocks closest to me and I knew it would happen very soon, very soon indeed!

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